Terra creates a repo/branch per branched Fedora release. The version number for these repos corresponds to the Fedora release version.

Latest stable version of Fedora

Full support. This branch is the main entrypoint for contributions and new packages. Packages are updated on a rolling release basis by Terra’s autoupdate system.

Non-latest, but supported versions of Fedora

We will provide updates for security issues, as tracked by Repology. Additionally we may provide updates to resolve critical bugs. Besides those two cases, no new updates will be issued. No new packages may be directly submitted. It is also not guaranteed that the packages are up to date.

Branched Development Release


This branch may not exist if there is no current branched development release of Fedora.

When Fedora creates a new branched development release, we’ll branch off Terra’s stable repository to create a development/”preparatory” branch. This branch will automatically pull any additional contributions from stable and acts as a working ground to get Terra ready for the new release. When Fedora promotes this branched release to stable, we’ll do the same, setting this one as default. No stability guarantees are made for this branch during the development period.

EOL versions of Fedora

Completely unsupported. We will not provide any updates, even for critical security issues. While these repos might stay accessible on the internet, we reserve the right to purge them without notice.