1. Terra
  2. Installing

Currently (2022-11-28), Terra only supports RPM packages.

Adding Terra

You can add Terra into DNF directly:

$ sudo dnf config-manager --add-repo https://github.com/terrapkg/subatomic-repos/raw/main/terra.repo

There is also a fancy install script:

Practice caution before running any commands on your system.
$ sh <(curl https://terra.fyralabs.com/get.sh)

If you doubt the safety of the script (which you should), curl the script to stdout first:

$ curl https://terra.fyralabs.com/get.sh

Or, just don’t use the fancy script. I guess.

Using Terra


$ sudo dnf install package-name another-package
$ dnf search package-name
$ dnf provides package-name


$ sudo dnf remove package-name another-package


$ sudo dnf upgrade
$ sudo dnf upgrade package-name another-package